Wordle, Craziness, and Hope

The continuing observations of a lifetime learner: I tried to resist the urge to try Wordle. Another time suck? No, thank you. But I could hold back no longer. Naturally, I could come up with the excuse of “well, it’s a game about words, and as a writer, I play with words. So, technically, this is research.” Right? That’s a bit of a stretch, however, it is my justification for WWF. Then, someone posted about Lewdle – an adult game with lewd words. I assumed that it would be a piece of cake, given that I am basically a dirty old lady, with a filthy mind, and a potty mouth. (In front of a select audience, of course.) Turns out I’m learning many new nasty 5 letter Lewdle words that I sometimes need to look up in The Urban Dictionary. Some of these definitions cannot be unread, much to my chagrin. Try it and let me know how you do.

Learning how to be “thick-skinned” is an ongoing lesson for all creatives. I’ve never actually become thick-skinned, but I’ve learned how to deal with it. I often feel better, by helping others deal with it. Based on numerous Twitter posts and threads, I’ve learned that writers are not the only ones who get discouraged about the publishing industry. Several well-known editors and agents have made their complaints known about the current state of this industry. One major caveat for writers is that many of us write, revise, spend time and money for conferences and classes, and more. But this is done in the hope that one of our queries to agents or editors will end in a contract. Otherwise, this often-torturous process is done with no financial compensation. Why do we do this to ourselves? Other than being bat sh** crazy, we hang onto hope. (Crazy btw would be a good 5 letter word for Wordle…) If we stay in the game, hopefully, we’ll actually win one day. This is not a new observation to me. What I have learned is that I’m definitely not the only writer who gets deeply despondent about publishing at times. So, I shall continue slowly sending out queries, with a tiny shred of hope attached to each. While the rejections come through, I’ll continue working on my new story. And continue cheering on my critique group and other fellow creatives.

I hope all the football fans out there have a crazy good time on Super Bowl Sunday. I am not a fan, however, as a former ad exec, I do love the commercials! I hope you are surrounded by crazy amounts of love (and chocolate) on Feb 14th.

“Most of the important things in this world, have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying even when there seemed to be no hope at all.” - Dale Carnegie

Thanks for stopping by. Stay hopeful and never stop learning new things.



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