The Witch’s Kitchen

by Connie Colon


Chop its head with a fatal gash!

Grab the guts, it’s time to mash

Take out every slimy seed

scrape it clean and then proceed

Dice meat from the big orange fruit

Sorry, fresh out – no Eye of Newt

Spices and eggs, violently mixed

Pumpkins cut, carved, and betwixt

A sweet pinch of this, a strange bit of that

Mixed together in my pointy black hat

Bewitched butter, smashed into slime

Cast your spells now–it’s the right time

Haunted heaps of ghostly white flour

for creepy crust at the midnight hour

Into the oven, deep, dark, and hot

Stabbed in the middle – done or not?

Put that fork down, you drooling ghoul

We wait until it’s corpse-like cool

Plunge a huge knife deeply in…STOP!!!

I can’t eat my pumpkin pie…

without whipped cream on top!


At a book signing that was part of a concert for an animal rescue charity. Little River Band's lead singer, Wayne Nelson, bought a copy of PRINCIPAL KIDD for his grandchildren!