Tenacious, tap-dancing Ladybug Lulu dreams of Broadway stardom. She battles deadly fumes; a kooky entomologist; and bigotry from friends and family that could get her kicked out of her colony. Join BUGS ON BROADWAY , a zany hybrid graphic novel for early middle-
graders, set in New York City’s theater district. Babymouse + Timmy Failure turned into bugs.


Connie Colón is cuckoo about giving giggles by creating quirky characters. A former ad exec, and author/illustrator of PRINCIPAL KIDD, she has sold many articles to children’s magazines. Beyond her Fine Arts degree, she has studied: TV and Movie Screenwriting, CBA, Visual Storytelling, and Character; Costume Design. Like unstoppable Ladybug Lulu, Connie
doesn’t allow Parkinson’s Disease to stop her.