The Characters

Meet the characters of Eggshell Elementary School. 


Eleven-year-old Oliver Kidd is quite used to the fast track. He zoomed through the prodigy program and has obtained a dual college degree in education and administration. (With minors in psychology and quantum physics, just for fun.) Raised by two educators, his parents run a Montessori-influenced pre-school in their home where Oliver has helped out ever since he was able to do long division and pronounce deoxyribonucleic acid at age three.

What Oliver isn’t used to, is being a regular kid and hanging out with friends his own age. Reunited with some of his old kindergarten buddies from Eggshell Elementary School, Oliver is torn between wanting to be a kid with his old friends, yet needing to be in a place of authority as their principal. However, he can always be caught coming up with wacky and crazy school rules that could only com from the mind of a child.

Oliver feels that being principal is his duty, his destiny, and his legacy – being that his grandfather was the first principal at Eggshell. It’s not enough that he’s the world’s first and only kid principal – he also has big dreams of becoming the best. Oliver’s goals are to win the coveted Outstanding Principal Award and to reshape Eggshell Elementary into a model school that the district, state, maybe even the whole country will try to emulate.

Now if he could only figure out an easy way to get rid of hat-hair from his bike helmet…


Born and raised on Eggshell Chicken Farm and Spa, Chelsea prefers to venture over to Eggshell Elementary School whenever possible. Some swear that when her polished and perfumed talons flip textbook pages they can see her eyes follow as if she’s reading.

Chelsea has a bright fuchsia patch of feathers on her otherwise white body and can usually respond by answering on BOK for yes and two for no. She has become the unofficial school mascot over the years and is Oliver Kidd’s faithful companion. He can count on talking to her about anything. Even though she can’t talk back, Chelsea always has his back in her own bird-like way.

Some of her favorite pastimes include eating spaghetti, referring kickball games and pooping on mean Vice Principal Dagger’s shoes.


Towering over everyone and with a neck as thick as a tree trunk, when Vice Principal Dagger bellows, everyone stops in his or her tracks. Mr. Dagger has an impressive education and many years of experience but his one major roadblock to becoming principal is that nobody likes him! Worse yet, is Mr. Dagger’s jealousy of the young and inexperienced Oliver Kidd who has taken the job that Dagger believes should be rightfully his.

Mr. Dagger is convinced that this is the year he will shine, gob-dash it, because an 11-year-old in charge of the school is bound to wreak havoc! Especially with all of the sabotage efforts the vice principal has up his long sleeves.


Fifth-grader, April Mae March was one of Oliver Kidd’s best buddies back in kindergarten. She is best friends with Tucker Wilson who puts up with her sometimes odd and eccentric ways because she is a true friend through and through. Raised by a single mom who reads palms, tarot cards, tealeaves and the Wall Street Journal. April is very much into horoscopes and often allows her mood ring to dictate how her day will go.

A loyal friend with a big heart, April Mae is also involved in the environment and recycling. She takes school seriously and proudly maintains an A average. Aside from an occasional trim on her bangs, April Mae has never cut her hair, which is usually in a braid that might reach her ankles before graduation. She can usually be found sporting her handmade jewelry and reading palms at recess.


One of the cooler kids in the fifth grade, Tucker is known as the magician. Practicing magic tricks since he was in a high chair, Tucker dreams of becoming the next Houdini someday. Best friends with April Mae since they were both in kindergarten with Oliver, Tucker is having a hard time adjusting to calling his old friend Ollie by the name of Mr. Kidd now.

Rather than get into fights with anyone, Tucker resolves disagreements as “magically” as possible. His tricks are so well known across the school that getting pranked by him is referred to a being “Tucked”. Tuck often uses his magic pranks to benefit Oliver. What Tucker sometimes pulls on Vice Principal Dagger is another story!


Elwood Lyons has promoted himself to head-bully of the school now that he’s in fifth grade. Hailing from a long line of bullies, being mean is expected in his family. The tough façade is also a way for him to hide the fact that he still struggles with reading.

Similar to Oliver Kidd, Elwood doesn’t feel like he quite fits in. He was held back a year before starting kindergarten which still makes him feel out of place. He doesn’t think anyone would ever be nice to him on his or her own, so h goes around demanding what he wants, usually by flexing his muscles.

Elwood often teams up with Vice Principal Dagger whenever Mr. Dagger needs the boy’s help with his “dirty work”. Together they're “Mean and Meaner” and always try to sabotage Oliver Kidd.


Complete with bright aqua hair, peacock feather earrings, and splattered overalls that resemble a Jackson Pollack painting, Mrs. Indigo, the art teacher, is practically a walking work of art herself. She loves when students “think out of the box”, and likes it better when they don’t even consider box at all!

She is one of the few teachers who had Oliver’s back from the start, remembering how creative he was in her class back in his kindergarten days. She’s convinced that under his reign, the school will continue to make history – which, incidentally, would make great free publicity for her artwork and the giant bubble gum sculpture in her classroom that she hopes will make a world record one day.


Mrs. Huggswell is the guidance counselor and the school’s oldest and sweetest employee. She is rumored to be between 65 and 99 years old, no one knows for sure. She is round with spare chins and eyes that twinkle and crinkle. There are always homemade cookies in her Snickerdooodle-scented office – and free hugs to go along with them.

Mrs. Huggswell is hard of hearing, often resulting in her misunderstanding the questions and problems that come to her from the students and staff. Oddly enough, her wacky suggestions somehow end up working great. (Or, as she might respond to that last sentence: What? Did you say I usually end up twerking great? Why thank you – whatever twerking means!)