School Rules Contest

SCHOOL RULES! (Book #1) A children’s book for ages 7-11

Principal Kidd announced several new rules for Eggshell Elementary School and he will be announcing more in future books.

If you were the principal of your school right now, what new rule would you put in place and why? You must have your parent or guardian's permission.

If we choose your new rule as the winner, you will:
• Have your name in a special acknowledgement section of an upcoming book in the PRINCIPAL KIDD series by Connie T. Colon

• Your new rule will be part of the story

• Receive a free autographed copy of the book.

Winner will be selected by author and publisher.


TO ENTER (no purchase necessary):

Email me at:

Subject line: KIDD CONTEST


  1. Your name and age and hometown
  2. Name/address of your parent/guardian
  3. What your new rule would be and why

OPTIONAL: anything else you'd like to tell me,

such as a review, your favorite part of the book or

favorite character.  Thank you


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