Art Class

Welcome To Mrs. Indigo's Art Class

I'm so glad you're here! Bring out your creativity. Feel free to download coloring pages. Show me your artwork. If I select it, I'll add it to this page to share with everyone! Check back often, as I'll be suggesting different forms of art and adding videos of instruction.

Coloring Pages

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Empty toilet paper tubes make perfect

places for you to make a kooky Halloween

monster! Send a photo of one that looks

like any character from PRINCIPAL KIDD

and we'll send you a surprise prize!!

Send to:




Make tulips using plastic forks and paint -- or try using your hands and feet! (do that one outside on newspaper!!)


Feathered Bird Craft



Thanks to for this fantastic idea!

This feathered bird craft is super fun for little kids to make!






 Using craft foam I cut out a red bird silhouette and added a yellow beak. Then I glued it to some cardstock, glued on a googly eye and drew on the feet.





I provided this little boy with the silhouette and a small pot of red feathers. I spread some white glue onto the main body of the bird and showed him how to stick the feathers on.






I think that this simple bird craft turned out pretty well!