About The Author

My mom used to tape paper to the tray on my highchair and give me crayons, so I’ve been drawing since before I can actually remember! I grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and that home had the coolest built-in bookcases that were jam packed with books! My mother taught in an elementary school, so I was raised loving books. My dad was a police detective, so not surprisingly my favorite books as a child were the Nancy Drew mysteries.

I have a degree in art from Syracuse University and spent most of my career years in advertising–in agencies from Madison Avenue in New York City, to St. Petersburg, Florida and in New Jersey. I’ve done everything from secretary, to broadcast production and ended up as Director of Account Coordination until becoming an at-home mom for my son, Tommy. I have been married to my husband, Dan for 27 years–we met while working at the Ad Center at Time Inc., so Rockefeller Center and the Time-Life building will always be special to me!

I began reading to my son since I was pregnant, which led me to trying my hand at writing children’s books from home. I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and served as a Committee Member for years in the New Jersey chapter. I now attend events throughout Florida, but try to go to the New Jersey conferences whenever possible.

I had the unique opportunity to have been selected to work with award-winning kid-lit superstar, Jerry Spinelli, during a weeklong Highlights writers workshop in Chautauqua, New York in 2006. What an honor! (I loved Highlights as a kid–especially the “hidden pictures” section–still love them!)  A magazine workshop that week sparked an idea for an article for FACES magazine that turned into a monthly feature called “Dear Tommy” that ran for over seven years. I’ve also written for other children’s magazines such as Fun For Kidz, Appleseeds and a short piece for Highlights.

Being an artist, I tend to “think visually” as I write, often picturing my stories as TV shows or movies. I played up that aspect by taking TV Screenwriting classes in Alan Kingsberg’s Advanced Writer Room in New York City. I loved that and hope to develop my chapter books into animation one day. If you are going to dream, you may as well DREAM BIG!

I am thrilled to now be part of the Foundations Books family where my dreams are beginning to come true.

By the way, my last name, Colon, rhymes with "alone".